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1 Domestication on Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:38 am

Domestication (from Latin domesticus) or taming is the process whereby a population of animals or plants, through a process of selection, becomes accustomed to human provision and control. A defining characteristic of domestication is artificial selection by humans. Some species such as the Asian Elephant, numerous members of which have for many centuries been used as working animals, are not domesticated [1] because they have not normally been bred under human control[original research?], even though they have been commonly tamed. Humans have brought these populations under their control & care for a wide range of reasons: to produce food or valuable commodities (such as wool, cotton, or silk), for help with various types of work (such as transportation or protection), for protection of themselves and livestock and for scientific research, such as finding cures for certain diseases or simply to enjoy as companions or ornaments.

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