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Microwave transmission

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1 Microwave transmission on Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:40 am

Microwave transmission refers to the technology of transmitting information by the use of the radio waves whose wavelengths are conveniently measured in small numbers of centimeters, by using various electronic technologies. These are called microwaves. This part of the radio spectrum ranges across frequencies of roughly 1.0 gigahertz (GHz) to 30 GHz. Also by using the formula λ = c/f , these correspond to wavelengths from 30 centimeters down to 1.0 cm. [In the above equation, the Greek letter λ ( lambda ) is the wavelength in meters; c is the speed of light in meters per second; and f is the frequency in hertz (Hz).]
In the microwave frequency band, antennas are usually of convenient sizes and shapes, and also the use of metal waveguides for carrying the radio power works well. Furthermore, with the use of the modern solid-state electronics and traveling wave tube technologies that have been developed since the early 1960s, the electronics used by microwave radio transmission have been readily used by expert electronics engineers.

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