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1 Jubiläumsgrat on Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:24 pm

Its name goes back to the founding members of the Munich branch of the German Alpine Club who, in 1894 in return for being honoured at the 25th anniversary of the branch, initially donated 900 marks, so that a "Jubilee Way" could be financed. By the First World War a total of 9400 marks was raised through other charities and from interest payments, which was used to pay for, amongst other things, the construction of the climbing path, which was also called the Höllentalgrat. However, the project was not without controversy, and the safety facilities that were being worked on from 1906 to 1915, were never completed in their entirety and, in some cases, even dismantled again. In particular, the section of ridge between the Inner Höllentalspitze and the Zugspitze is largely free of iron rungs and safety cables.
Even its name has been much discussed. It was feared that the name "Jubilee Way" would attract too many people to a high alpine terrain for which they were not prepared. As a result, the tour is often referred to as the "Jubiläumsgrat" today.
The arête was negotiated for the first time as far as the Inner Höllentalspitze in 1896 by Emil Diehl, and its whole length to the Alpspitze was first traversed in 1897 by Ferdinand Henning. The first winter ascent was not undertaken until 19-20 March 1927 by W. Hofmann, Karl Kraus and Karl Vienna. At Christmas 1936 Otto Eidenschink made the first solo winter ascent. In 24 hours, he conquered the high ridge in difficult winter conditions from the Stuibenhütte to the Münchner Haus.[1]

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