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Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

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1 Cambridge Rindge and Latin School on Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:17 pm

he Cambridge Rindge and Latin School is the only public high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.
The school, serving grades 9 through 12, is a part of the Cambridge Public Schools.
Once two separate schools called Cambridge High and Latin and the Rindge Technical School, the merged entity today is now commonly abbreviated as CRLS or Rindge.
The students are divided into subdivisions called 'Small Learning Communities.' Currently the Small Learning Communities are called C, R, L, and S.
Until June of 2000, the subdivided schools were known as the Houses of Pilot, Fundamental, House A, Academy, Leadership, and the Rindge School of Technical Arts or RSTA. In 1990, RSTA became a "house" within the main CRLS school. The "Houses" then became "Small Schools" 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
The High School Extension Program, at the site of the old Longfellow School, just down Broadway, offers a nontraditional approach to the high school learning process, handling only 60–100 students at a time.
CRLS is also noted as being one of the most racially diverse schools in Massachusetts and one of few to feature a heterogeneous student classroom mix.[1]
Since 2003 the City of Cambridge has been mobilizing an ambitious plan to renovate the current high school. The project they claim would be "the first major renovation and refurbishing of the 35-year old high school building."[1] The project has continued to be pushed back, due to state funding issues and other obstructions along the way. In 2006 the state announced a return in funding and by the Spring 2007 the School Committee started looking at a wider ranging renovation for the building. The plan has until now proceeded and as currently planned, the major renovations are expected to begin after the close of the 2008-2009 School year. The renovations according to schedule should last from 2009-2011.[2]
As of 2009, freshman began studying at a new campus just up Broadway. It is planned that this freshman academy will only be temporary.

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