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UFA members also objected

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1UFA members also objected  Empty Re: UFA members also objected on Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:37 am

Many UFA backbenchers, however, wanted to see it repealed all together, but because of their objection to caucus discussions Greenfield was not aware of this by the time his amendments came to the floor of the legislature.[20] They passed through the house with little debate, until just after third reading, when one of the backbenchers rose to ask if the time had come to speak against the bill.[22] Brownlee suggested that, in view of the legislators' inexperience with parliamentary procedure, the legislature consider the motion to adopt the bill on third reading as not yet having passed, that debate might ensue.[22] This suggestion adopted, several UFA members attacked the Act. They were joined in this by the Liberals, despite the fact that it was a Liberal act that had been co-authored by Boyle.

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