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British screenwriters

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1 British screenwriters Empty Re: British screenwriters on Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:45 am

Fans organized a mail campaign that flooded the White House with 400,000 letters, influencing Gerald Ford to rechristen the Space Shuttle Constitution to Enterprise.[23] Bryan and Scott's proposal became the first accepted by the studio in October; Roddenberry immediately stopped work on other projects to refocus on Star Trek, and the screenwriters and Isenberg were swamped with grateful fan mail. The elation was short-lived; the first draft of the completed script was not finished until March 1, 1977, and pressure was mounting for Paramount to either begin production or cut its losses and cancel the project. Isenberg began scouting filming locations and hired designers and illustrators to complement the script.[25] Dissatisfied with having everyone take a turn at rewriting the script,

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