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Free shipping dvds-Psych TV series

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1Free shipping dvds-Psych TV series Empty Free shipping dvds-Psych TV series on Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:22 am

psych seasons 1-5 DVD Plot:Psych is an American detective / crime comedy, about a young police consultant Shawn, keen powers of observation and careful reasoning ability, through the scene of the crime suspect and a little traces the casual little action, it can deduce the crime after and a murderer; and like making fun and practical joke Shawn pretending his psychic detective. psych season 5 DVD Plot:The Shawn Spencer and his best friend Gus has launched the latest Mad Detective journey, Shawn using personal charm and irresistible words to police that have to analyze and solve the trivial case capacity that since his childhood best friend Gus is expected to help become a reality, the story revolves around the ability of Shawn be perceptive of the minutest detail and start a series of supernatural events.


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