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Free shipping dvd boxset-Star Wars-Psych-The Glee Project

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Free shipping dvd boxset-Star Wars-Psych-The Glee Project

star wars seasons 1-6 DVD Plot:Republic of China after the destruction, the evil Galactic Empire took control of the entire galaxy, Galaxy empire the galaxies residents suffering from tyranny, the rebels still unremittingly to fight, Princess Leah received intelligence personnel to steal the imperial secret weapon -- the Death Star center structure data. Access to the death star plans of Princess Leah in Darth Vinda ' next captured, but she has put the data into the robot R2-D2 computers, robots R2-D2 and C-3PO fled to a distant planet Tatooine. psych seasons 1-5 DVD Plot:Psych is an American detective Comedy TV series by Steve Franks and American broadcast network. Starring James Sean, a young criminal counsel for the Santa Barbara police " to improve the observing ability " and impressive detective instinct let him persuade people, he solves the case of mental ability. The program also differenceéstar mountain is Sean's best friend and partner, he would not " Gus " Gust Sen, and Sean's father, henry. psych season 5 DVD Plot:A powerful businessman's daughter ( Jennifer ) is kidnapped, and matters are made more complex, because the businessman ( Bruce ) is an underworld boss. Although the case is best for Sean and Gus, Henry - who is now in charge of the Police Adviser–refused to hire them. As he investigates the abduction, Sean tries to help Juliet, who has not been the same since her near-death experience. At the same time, Sean and Gus with the help of their recently-fired assistant ( Jerry Shay ). the glee project season 1 DVD Plot:Damian Mckinty and Samuel Larsen were announced the winners of the first season, each winning a seven-episode arc. Runner-up Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell won the prize of two sets of arc in auspicious, and Cameron Mitchell, who withdrew from the competition, in the 7 episode, won the " fan favorite " competition and related to a $10000 bonus.

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