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Discount DVD The Big Bang Theory 1-6 and 6 South Park 1-16 and 16

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Discount DVD The Big Bang Theory 1-6 and 6 South Park 1-16 and 16

the big bang theory seasons 1-6 DVD Plot:The gorilla experiment: Howard Bernadatte ( H girlfriend ) to S&L home show, B and Leonard about physics experiment, Penny does not understand, and private Penny find Sheldon to teach her physical, and finally let you surprise; at the same time, Howard Leonard agree with their female friends to visit his laboratory and be jealous angry, B after knowing that Howard won't listen to reason, but soon reconciled ( it is a pair of Freemasonry ). the big bang theory season 6 DVD Plot:Howard finally from the space station is back, but found that Bernadette was ill, my mother found her dentist boyfriend, Raj and Stuart have become good friends, two other couples in the play Sheldon will win the game.Because Howard always to friends to bring their own space. Due to my friends dislike feat. Amy and Sheldon couples dress to wear Raj held a Halloween party, but they were always can't find common love dress up. south park seasons 1-16 DVD Plot:Shelley has played Stan and he didn't know what to do. He decided to send his pet elephant KaTeMan the pot-bellied pig, fluffy, make "potbellied elephants". Terence betting kyle he can clone whole person before he can get an elephant. The boy's visit doctor mephisto's ranch, they show his collection of genetically modified (gm). Mephisto stole the blood sample from Stan, and he and his assistant Kevin to create a clone Stan's (mephisto's son) science project. Cloning Stan from mephisto pasture and threatening town. Mephisto's cloning, and Shelley's responsibility to the damage. He's put forward the scientific project, monkeys five hip, when mount pigs born potbellied pig, looks like Mr Jia. south park season 16 DVD Plot:When you eliminate the wrist strap Jesus with his miracle drug, Stan is the only still wear wrist strap, make it become extremely big occasions, you encourage him. Eric KaTeMan are hidden in the United States votes cast in his bedroom can change the presidential election result. And the americans had no intention of plan on Tuesday evening sleeping and election results calculation and announced the winner of the awards, KaTeMan secretly take control of the presidential election, but he soon discovered that the voters truck driver's plan, he tries to reveal the votes, the whole country.

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