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Free shipping dvd Merlin 4 and 1-4 Smallville 1-10 and 10

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Free shipping dvd Merlin 4 and 1-4 Smallville 1-10 and 10

merlin season 4 DVD Plot:Elan accidentally drinking cursed water, so he saw the dead a little boy, the boy is the body of water, to haunt him. He is basically in a panic to spend, and finally the boy on his body, want revenge, Arthur in the final moved by his sincerity boy, Ylang liberated. smallville seasons 1-10 DVD Plot:Harry went to Clark's house to kill his parents, in the fight, his ability to disappear, and became an old and weak can not walk. Lex's second visit to Cassandra, want to know my fate. Cassandra shook Lex's hand, she saw Lex standing in the Oval Office of the president of the United States, and the change of scene, Lex standing in a beautiful lawn. However, when the lex bent to touch a flower, around immediately showed a decline withered dead. Pouring blood rain falls from the sky, on her body. He stood there, slowly raised a gloved hand. Cassandra scared, he ran away. merlin seasons 1-4 DVD Plot:Arthur suspect that the victory is false, only because he is Prince, and Merlin disguised identity to the Jousting Tournament. Arthur in order not to be found, in the Merlin under the arrangement of secretly in Guinevere's hut, trying to the identity of the ordinary people through these days. During this period, Gwen not only let Arthur see themselves be spoiled, lord it over others bad habits, also captured his heart. Coincidentally, Odin the king because Arthur kill his son to find the killer to get revenge. Arthur in the game to kill him, of course, is the Merlin help. smallville season 10 DVD Plot:DC cartoon character Aquaman carrying his wife Mera will debut in this episode; Tom Welling will be directed by this episode, Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan the episodes; this set about in order to protect the other members of the group, Oliver decided to dive into the public security organizations and government have a look it issued what the new law, and when the doubts he accidentally trapped into an unknown place and put in prison, in the Col. Slade ( Michael Hogan plays ) under the supervision of accept a series of brutal torture, Aquaman ( Alan Ritchson plays and the episodes ) and his wife ( played Mera and the episodes ) and Clark together to rescue Oliver Lois for Clark; don't let yourself to feel depressed but not drag action.

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