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Old English

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1Old English  Empty Re: Old English on Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:26 am

Chelsea enjoyed good road and river connections to the seat of government at Westminster and the commercial centre of the City of London since at least the 14th century.[3] It was the centre of the British porcelain industry,[5] and a major producer of baked goods – at peak periods almost 250,000 chelsea buns per day were sold.[6] By the 18th century it had large numbers of very prosperous residents.[3]
Battersea, listed as Patricesy (St Peter's Water) in the Domesday Book and first mentioned in records of 693 AD,[7][8] on the south bank of the river opposite Chelsea, was by contrast low and marshy land, prone to flooding. Conditions were ideal for farming asparagus and lavender

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