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Coordination of Louis Vuitton Multicolor Bags with Clothes

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Nowadays, more and more people pursue the fashion, especially the luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton, which is the most outstanding representative in this group; it is well-known for its superb quality, luxurious image, exquisite handwork, numerous choices, high recognition, symbol of nobility etc. Not only the stars possess them, even many ordinary persons in our real life have them, we usually could see many girls of street fashion-photo carrying the LV bags. Louis Vuitton Multicolor collection is a great creation of Takashi Murakami, who is a famous artiste in Japan; his design is very distinctive and makes a deep impression to people when they came out. Louis Vuitton Multicolor can count as the new kick point during its road, to change its overall image more colorful and youthful.

Among the information of street fashion-photo, a number of fashionable young ladies like carrying LV, and they focus on the whole coordination very well. In our daily life, when we get up, we will firstly think of what to wear, which could be regarded as the commonness of all women, and we will try out best to match our outfit well, of course sometimes we are confused, because of the coordination is not so easy. Under such circumstance, in my opinion, Louis Vuitton Multicolor could greatly help us. As we know, it mainly has two series, the white tone and black tone, which both give people a feeling of lively and vivid image; they could improve the overall level of coordination.

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